The Credit Agents Could Help Residents of Cypress, Texas Achieve a Higher Credit Score

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Credit Repair Could Help Residents of Cypress, Texas Achieve a Higher Credit Score

Why Residents of Cypress, Texas Should Consider Credit Repair

You know it’s time to team up with The Credit Agents when it feels like the weight of the world is being placed on your shoulders because of how bad your credit has gotten. In no way are we trying to make you feel embarrassed about seeking help, on the contrary, The Credit Agents are here to make things better, so that you can live life as it was intended. According to a study done by LendingTree, about 82% of Texans carry credit card debt, 37% carry personal loan debt, 24% carry student loan debt, and 60% carry auto debt. Imagine not being able to move forward because most of your disposable income is going toward paying off your debts; to top it off, it can start to feel like they’re never ending. 

The National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC) took a poll back in March of 2020 and discovered that more than 25% of respondents did not pay their bills on time, which was the highest percentage since 2012. Although, it’s not as bad as it seems since 70% said they pay all their bills on time and have no debts in collections. Why does this matter or how would it even apply to me? Well, making your payments on time is the most important factor when it comes to building and maintaining your credit and yet it seems to be the one people disregard the most. It should be your goal to always make your payments on time seeing as though missing them could significantly drop your score and raise red flags with lenders. 

Even though Cypress didn’t make it onto the list of 71 most debt-ridden cities in Texas, it’s still important to ensure that your credit is where it should be; don’t be like most people and just ignore your credit problems. Here at The Credit Agents, we truly believe that “bad credit shouldn’t be permanent,” that is of course as long as you know what needs fixing or have a team that’ll help steer you back in the right direction. 

Who Are The Credit Agents and Why You Should Consider Working With Them?

Maybe you’ve heard of us before or maybe this is your first time hearing about us, but we’re the best credit repair company across Houston, surrounding areas, and all over Texas. Not to toot our own horn, but we’ve definitely put in the work over the past decade to gain our community’s trust and business. You can only begin to imagine all of the knowledge, advice, and strategies we’ve gained over more than 10 years; now our goal is to make sure that we’re helping you reach all of your goals with the help of credit. While other credit repair companies are solely focused on profiting off of you, here at The Credit Agents there are no monthly fees and if you’re unsatisfied with our services we even guarantee your money back. Keep in mind that because credit repair takes some patience, you can request a refund after six credit cycles.  

Why should we work with The Credit Agents when there seem to be hundreds-of-thousands of credit repair companies throughout Texas? When you’re working with something as important as credit, the last thing you’d want to deal with is a company that’s just going to lead you around in circles. With The Credit Agents, there’s a game plan in place from day one, so that we can tackle the issues as soon as possible and get your credit to a healthy point; in other words, we’re not just going to beat around the bush. Also, we make sure to keep you updated every step of the way because again your peace of mind is our priority. Lastly, when you decide to work with us, it’s so much more than just hiring experts, it’s joining part of a team that’s looking out for you. 

What Difference Does Credit Repair Even Make?

“Okay, my score will go up a few points, so what’s the big deal?” Credit repair is so much more than just improving your credit score; it goes much deeper than just surface level improvements. When you decide to repair your credit, you’re taking a step toward improving the accuracy of your credit report; while this may not seem like a big deal, just think of all of the information on it. Your credit report contains everything from when you opened a new line of credit, to each line’s balance and limit, to your payment history, and the list could go on and on. Think about it this way, your credit report paints a lender the full picture as to what kind of consumer you are. 

Of course, there are some people that will say that credit repair really doesn’t make a difference at all because it takes time, but once you start seeing improvement you won’t want to stop. Imagine going from getting constantly denied for new lines of credit, dealing with crazy-high interest rates, getting stuck with unfavorable loan terms, to all of a sudden getting various credit product offers, lower interest rates, getting application approvals back to back, etc. Credit repair can open up a world of possibilities, but it’s up to you to determine if you’re ready to stop dealing with bad credit and start thriving with great credit.

What’s it Like Working With The Credit Agents? What Credit Repair Services Do The Credit Agents Offer To Improve Your Credit?

Before we jump into the services that TCA offers, let’s break down our process a bit. Remember, a legitimate credit repair company will have no issue being transparent with you, which is why we want to clarify what the first bit of our game plan looks like. 

  • Free-15-minute consultation
    • We believe that receiving help shouldn’t have to cost you anything, which is why we’ll review your credit report for free. Before we even think about accepting any of your hard-earned money we want to make sure that our services are a good fit for you. 
  • Personalized Plan/Strategy
    • After reviewing your report, our experts come up with a plan on how to begin improving your credit; no worries, we don’t have “one size fits all” plans here because we understand that that won’t work. Like we said before, every consumer’s credit report(s) and score(s) are different, which is why we address it as so. 
  • Credit Monitoring Service 
    • While you’re working with TCA you’ll sign up for a credit monitoring service to ensure that no drastic changes occur on our watch and that you’re heading in the right direction. No need to worry though, IdentityIQ won’t break your bank and we wouldn’t require it unless it wasn’t absolutely necessary. 
  • Disputing Process 
    • After everything is said and done, your TCA expert will begin to work on your credit, on your behalf, so no need to panic, you won’t have to deal with going back and forth with the bureaus. We understand that it might seem overwhelming to deal with the credit bureaus if you haven’t before, but we’ve done it so many times it doesn’t phase us anymore. 
  • Additional Services Offered 
  • Third Party Collections 
  • Debt Buyer Collections 
  • Medical Collections 
  • Charge Offs 
  • Broken Leases 
  • Repossessions
  • Judgements 
  • Foreclosures 
  • Bankruptcies 
  • Identity Fraud

How Can You Tell The Credit Agents are Legit?

Once again, there are a couple of things that are a dead giveaway of a scam credit repair company, none of which you’ll find work with The Credit Agents. For one, here at The Credit Agents, we’re not going to charge you upfront because that’s illegal, plus we only get paid when we put in the work. Secondly, we’re not going to make absurd promises about how our program will show results overnight; sorry to burst your bubble, but that’s just not us. Scam companies on the other hand will promise you the sun and moons, but run for the hills as soon as they receive payment. Another factor you should look out for include credit repair companies that are looking to illegally wipe the slate clean by having you apply for a new “employer identification number” (EIN).

Remember, our goal is to make your situation better, not worse; even if you were to choose another company to work with, we’d at least want you to know what to look out for. We’re here to be as transparent and helpful as we can because that’s what teammates do, they look out for each other and that’s exactly what you become when you join our program. It doesn’t hurt to call and go through our free-15-minute credit consultation, the worst that could happen is we tell you we’re just not the right fit, or you choose to work with someone else; there’s no hard feelings trust us. At the end of the day as long as you research and pick the right fit for you, then you’re already on the right path toward improving your credit. Regardless of whatever happens, just know that The Credit Agents are here to help you.