The Reliable Credit Repair Company Residents of Conroe, TX Can Depend On

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Why The Residents of Conroe, Texas Should Look Into Credit Repair

The residents of Conroe, Texas need credit repair more than ever and The Credit Agents are more than ready to step up to the plate. According to a survey conducted by the National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC), “7 in 10 (69%) of Americans find it difficult to minimize their debt, primarily due to unexpected financial emergencies or reduction of income.” Imagine having to carry the weight of debt on your shoulders for what feels like an eternity, in addition to having to deal with poor credit; we don’t know about you, but the last thing that we’d want to be stressing about is debt, poor credit, high interest rates, rejections left and right, etc. 

According to a study done by LendingTree, Conroe ranks as the 30th most debt-ridden city in Texas; in fact the largest portion of that debt comes from auto loans, followed by credit card debt, auto loans, and lastly student loans. Overall, the average amount of debt that residents of Conroe, Texas carry with them is around $25,049; in our humble opinion, there’s so much good you could put that money to, like credit repair for instance. We’re in no way trying to say that all debt is bad, but when we’re talking about $5,220 in credit card debt and $3,067 in personal loan debt, then we have a problem. 

While some individuals choose to blow off bad credit as good and done with, the reality of the situation is that bad credit doesn’t have to be permanent, as long as you know what needs improving; it would be sort of ironic if it was considering the fact that it’s constantly changing. That’s where The Credit Agents come into play, we’re here to help residents across Texas, fix their credit and as a result start living life to the fullest. 

Who Are The Credit Agents? What Can TCA Do For The Residents of Conroe, TX? 

“You’ve mentioned The Credit Agents before, but who are they and what can they actually do for me?” We’re glad you asked, The Credit Agents is the top credit repair company in Houston, neighboring areas, really across Texas; however, it wasn’t a spot easily gained, it took over a decade to get there. With that being said, over the course of more than 10-years, The Credit Agents have managed to change the lives of consumers just like you; you know, the type of consumer that’s tired of dealing with poor credit, but doesn’t really know what to do about it. There’s nothing to be ashamed of, mistakes happen and we understand that life is full of unexpected expenses, what matters is that you’re here to make things better. 

We don’t just want you to take our word for how great we are; we definitely urge you to read through our reviews, testimonials, look at our ratings, even ask around. We have over 2,500 reviews on Google, as well as a 4.8 star rating; we also have a YouTube channel and blog full of insightful content. There’s nothing to be ashamed of if you know little to nothing about credit. According to a survey conducted by LendingTree, nearly 60% of Americans are oblivious about their credit scores, let alone what could be wrong. Not only can we help repair your credit, but here at The Credit Agents, we truly believe that the more you know about the credit industry, the better off your score and report will be.  

What Difference Does Legitimate Credit Repair Make?

There are a lot of scams out there that guarantee results within days, maybe even weeks; some scams even push it as far as to say that they can “wipe the slate clean”; however, legitimate credit repair takes time and can only do so much. Legitimate credit repair will only modify or delete information that truly doesn’t belong on your credit report, but ultimately it’s up to the credit bureaus to decide what stays and what goes. For instance, say you made late payments or you declared bankruptcy within the past two-years and you consult with a credit repair company about what can be done; a legitimate company will tell you that since the information is accurate you have to wait for it to legally fall off of your report; a scam company will tell you what you want to hear, in hopes of getting as much money from you as possible. 

We know it’s disheartening to hear that credit repair can’t fix all of your problems instantly, but overtime you’ll see why it’s so worth it. Legitimate credit repair can help you improve the accuracy of your credit report(s), settle up with creditors or collection agencies, etc. The last thing you’d want to do is end up in legal issues because you tried to find a “faster way” of improving your credit; remember, it takes time to build credit, it takes even longer to fix it. The legitimate way of repairing your credit will help not only improve the accuracy of your report, but also boost your score, increase your approval odds, land you more favorable loan terms, etc. 

What Services Do The Credit Agents Offer? 

We know you’re probably tired of hearing it, but with over ten-years of experience within the credit repair industry, The Credit Agents can proudly say that they do so much more than just deal with the credit bureaus on your behalf. We understand just how complex credit can be and just how many areas of your life can be affected by it, which is why specializing in a variety of areas helps out.  

Some of the areas that they specialize in include: 

  • Third party collections 
  • Debt buyer collections 
  • Tax liens 
  • Medical collections 
  • Charge offs 
  • Broken leases 
  • Repossessions 
  • Judgements 
  • Foreclosures 
  • Bankruptcies 
  • Identity fraud 
  • Inaccurate names 

What Makes The Credit Agents Different?

Of course, every credit repair company is going to try to come off as a one-in-a-million company to work with, but can they actually prove it the way we can? Here at The Credit Agents, your goals become our goals and once you decide that you want to work with us, you gain an entire team. In addition, we’re not going to lie to you just to try to get money out of you; in fact, did we mention that we don’t have a monthly fee? We’re not going to take your hard-earned money unless we’ve worked just as hard to get you the results you’re paying us for. Even if we put in the work and you’re left unsatisfied with the results, you’re guaranteed your money back, after six-credit cycles. 

Not only will we stand by our clients, but we’ll be as transparent as we can be throughout the process; we know how awful it feels to be left in the dark, so we won’t put you through that. Our goal is to update you as much as possible because your peace of mind matters; we even have an online portal that gives you 24/7 access to the status of any work being done. At no point will you be left alone to feel confused or frustrated about what comes next because we’ll be there every step of the way, with our personalized plan for you. What are you waiting for, it’s time to stop living with bad credit and it’s time to start living life as it was intended?