Video Content Tips For Realtors, Lenders, and Real Estate Professionals

You’re a real estate professional that is committed to going all-in with social media marketing. There’s just one problem. What do you even record? Don’t worry, you have a lot more to share and say than you think. Below is a quick list of content creation ideas to help you jump start your social media marketing strategy.
  • Stop trying to “create” and start recording your day-to-day.

    Every day you have value-packed interactions with people. In-person, over the phone, at events. All the time, in all sorts of places. Start turning on the camera and start documenting them. Inside of those conversations, you will find nuggets of value that you can chop up into social media posts.Initial phone calls with prospective customers are packed with value.Conversations with affiliates are super powerful and packed with value.
  • Host a Q & A on Facebook Live.
  • Highlight areas you want to be known for. Review the local restaurants, shops, attractions, and businesses.
  • Interview other people. Get creative and invite guests from different backgrounds. Local businesses, interior designers, landscapers, remodeling experts, and more.
  • Have fun and avoid chasing “perfection”. 1,000 imperfect videos circulating the internet and helping you brand yourself are better than 1 “perfect” video.
  • Forgive yourself for making mistakes.