How to Find Credit Repair in Houston

Did you know that 40% of Americans don’t know how their credit score is determined? If you think of yourself as a credit-challenged individual, you are not alone.

Not understanding how credit works can harm your life for years to come. Without good credit, you’ll have trouble getting loans and most likely will pay high-interest rates if you do get loans.

To get out of your credit funk, hire a credit repair company with experience. Read on to learn how to find the right credit repair in Houston.

Spotting the Right Credit Repair in Houston

Learning how to spot the right credit repair in Houston will take some research. To really fix your credit, you’ll want to look for certain factors such as:

Free Consultation

When searching for “credit repair near me,” you’ll probably notice that most companies offer a free credit consultation. This is how an expert will learn about your credit past before you pay for their services.

A credit repair company will have more than one credit repair service that they offer. An expert will be able to tell you which one will benefit you the most.


Many credit repair companies charge an upfront fee to pay for the time they spend analyzing your credit reports. If they decide they can help you with your credit problems, you’ll likely pay by the month.

Make sure you find a company you can afford because it can take months to clean up credit reports.

Before deciding on the best credit repair company, ask for estimates from different services. If you notice any outliers, companies that charge more than the average, you’ll know you aren’t getting a fair price.

Keep in mind that different service packages come with different fees.


Credit repair in Houston varies from company to company so don’t expect each one you find to offer the same features.

The main feature you should look for is how many disputes the company will file on your behalf. Some services deal with unlimited disputes while others have a maximum per month.

If your credit history is complicated, you are better off paying extra to receive unlimited dispute filing. Other common features you might look for include:

  • Credit monitoring
  • Identity theft protection
  • Couples discounts
  • Money-back guarantee

Figure out which features mean the most to you because not every service will have all of them. Although credit repair prices are at the top of people’s minds, learning the different features comes in handy too.

Customer Service

A company with great customer service can make you feel comfortable when working with them. You can learn what their customer service is like by reading online credit repair reviews.

To get your own experience with a credit repair service, give them a phone call to ask any questions you have. To see if they are willing to take the extra step to work with you, ask them to send more information to you by email.


You can find out a lot about a company by checking their reviews. Along with how they service their customers, you should be able to learn about their legitness.

Check reputable companies like the Better Business Bureau (BBB) instead of only looking at the testimonials on a company’s website. You can also check with family and friends who have experienced the credit repair process before.


The amount of years a company has been in business is usually found on the company website.

Although a recently formed company shouldn’t be written off completely, a company with experience tends to be more reassuring. The longer a company has been dealing with credit, the better they will know the repair process.

Credit Company Red Flags

Part of finding the right credit repair company is being able to spot red flags. Some of the main things to avoid during your search include:

  • Upfront payment demands
  • Companies that don’t require a contract
  • Companies that ask you to lie
  • Companies that suggest creating a parallel identity
  • Companies that suggest they can remove correct negative information from your reports

You should also avoid hiring a credit repair service that promises a simple and quick fix. When a challenge is made regarding your credit report, the credit bureau has 30 days to respond.

If the credit bureau were to dismiss your challenge or disagree with it, you can file a claim directly to the creditor. The creditor also has up to 30 days to respond to your comment.

If you can gain information from the creditor directly, you’ll send it back to the credit bureau who gets another 30 days to respond. As you can see, a quick fix is not likely to happen so don’t believe these promises.

Another thing you should avoid is a company that guarantees they can raise your score or fix an error. A company doesn’t know if the credit bureau is willing to agree with a challenge.

This is where a money-back guarantee could come in handy. If you read the fine print of a guarantee, you might notice it says that a company that fails to remove something from your credit report won’t get paid.

However, a money-back guarantee won’t be the same for every company so be sure to read your contract thoroughly.

Are You Ready to Fix Your Credit?

For many, the help of a credit repair company has long-term benefits and is worth the cost. A bad credit score or incorrect credit report could lead to negative impacts for years to come.

With the help of this guide, you can find a credit repair in Houston that is right for you. Decide what features you need the most and be wary of any red flags you see.

The Credit Agents are ready to help you improve your overall credit profile. Contact us today for a free consultation.