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Time Frame Expectations

Why does this process take 30-35 days for an update
Why do I only get an update every 30-35 days?

By now, you should be heading into the 2nd phase of our process.

This is where we look at what items were deleted and verified. The items that were verified, we are going to request a re-investigation to be done at the credit bureau level as well as request they supply proof of their investigation process.

Requesting more information and re-investigations is very important to a credit repair process. The reason why follow up is critical is because A) often times an item will be reviewed and removed simply by asking the bureaus to re-investigate and B) it cost the data furnishers (collection agencies and creditors) money to respond to a dispute. Therefore, by continuing to raise the bill on a debt owed may begin to tap into the debt collectors profit margin to where they may not want to respond back so much because it’s eating into their profit.

When it comes to our follow up processes, we are very aggressive, persistent, and relentless.

We want to exhaust all our tools in our arsenal before we explore any kind of settlement or payment for a letter of deletion.

Also, if you have an auto repossession, we will be requesting that you send in your auto docs you should have received from the debt collector and we are going to be reviewing your responses from the debt collector for FDCPA violations.

To learn more about our follow up process, we created a video for you.

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