How To Use Facebook Ads To Find High Quality Customers

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Facebook Ads

There is no argument: Facebook is the undisputed king of social media. Currently it has over 1.65 billion active users, and by active we mean ‘use it multiple times every day and would prefer colonic irrigation to being cut off for an hour’, type of usage. This alone is an impressive number, but what is more astounding in marketing terms, … Read More

How To Measure Social Media For Your Business

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measure social media for business

Unless you have been living on Mars for an extended vacation of several decades, by now you know that social media is major factor is successful marketing and successful sales. Even if your industry is a business to business industry, social media has a large part to play. If you are able to ‘harness the beast’ of social media you … Read More

Business Credit Mistakes To Avoid

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There are two very common mistakes the business owner or entrepreneur make in the beginning stages of their business when acquiring capital and building business credit. Before I go into them, I’d like to share my empathy and understanding of these mistakes made as a fellow business owner myself. In the very beginning, you are responsible for every single thing … Read More

Smart Choices For Smart Business

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smart choices smart business

Running a small business can take over every aspect of your life. In one way that can be a good thing as it keeps you focussed and maximises your use of time, but in another way … not so much. Your company can become such a huge part of your world that the lines between life and living become so … Read More

How To Build Up Your Small Business Network

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How To Build Up Your Small Business Network

Building up a business network is vital to the survival of any company, but especially vital to the survival of your company. Business networking has become the pivot for successful sales and continues to get more sophisticated as the internet matures. Gone are the days when an unsolicited phone call and a mailshot would bring in a hot lead, even … Read More

Keep Business Booming During A Recession

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No matter how strong your business is it depends on the economy for survival, and whichever way you look at it, the economy goes in cycles. Economics is set up like dominoes around the world, when one area suffers it has a ‘knock on’ effect over the globe. Consumer demand and world events have the biggest effect on the economy, … Read More

8 Ways To Market Your Business Online

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how to market your small business

Today’s small business owners have so many options for marketing their business, we decided to show 8 ways to market your business online. It would seem that the consumer world is awash with opportunity, but when you have a tight budget and limited resources it’s hard to know where to concentrate your efforts for the best return on Investment (ROI). Social … Read More

Before You Apply For That Business Loan

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what you need to know before applying for a small business loan

You may already have most of what you need to start your dream business – a great idea, a hungry audience and copious amounts of research, but the one thing that may be holding you back is a lack of capital. Put simply, capital is the money you need to finance your business. Without it, your great idea will go … Read More