Are you a business that needs financial funding as soon as possible and wonder what companies that help build business credit? Are you new to the business industry but don’t know where to get additional capital to fund your debts or expansion plans? If you are, there are ways to get loans fast. Many companies out there are doing everything they can to get access to large business credit lines. They focus more on building their business credit than looking for as many as financial institutions they can find for more chances of credit approval. Businesses should not waste their time talking to banks and lending companies if they know they have poor credit. If your credit is a bit on the low side, there are still ways you can boost your credit. What they need to do is to strengthen their business credit so finance companies can easily approve their loan applications. In case you are looking for a company that can help you build your business credit, this is what you need to know.

What is business credit?

Before you look for a company that can help you build your business credit, you must learn what does it really mean first. Some small to large companies don’t know that they have a business credit score. Some business owners don’t know where to get this information, let alone interpret them. This is the reason many of them are getting rejected when they look for financing. So, what does business credit mean? Business credit is like a personal credit score if you are an individual. For sure, you’ve experienced borrowing loans for personal use. Like individuals, businesses have a business credit score too that serves as a record of the financial responsibility of the company. This is used by lending companies, financial organizations, and investors to know if a business qualifies to get funding from them. Even though debt should be repaid, financial institutions still want to determine if you are capable to do your responsibilities or not by examining your business credit. Agencies can calculate your business credit based on the calculations they use. Each agency has a distinctive computation, which you will discover later on once you do business with different credit agencies. The ranking is from 0 to 100 and the higher the score is, the lower the risk calculated. Keep a score of 80 and above if you want more companies to lend your business funds. Some factors that can affect your business credit are your public records such as outstanding loans, several credits, payment history, liens of bankruptcies, and your business’s information.

Why is business credit important?

Many don’t know the importance of having a good business credit score, which is why there are companies who are taking advantage of it. They don’t know how to use it properly. If you own a business and you want to know why business credit is important, here are the top 5 reasons to consider. Remember all that’s on this list to help your business build solid business credit.

1) It can help you grow your business.

Your business credit is like a financial statement. This is where your creditors rely on. Without it, you won’t be able to attract lenders and new investors to consider funding your business. Your creditworthiness depends on it and if you will not take it as an important part of your business’s finances, you won’t be able to expand. When making loan terms, your business credit gives insights that you are likely to do your responsibilities as a borrower. This is the reason you have a score to keep up. The higher the score, the better.

2) It’s for public use.

That’s right. Your business credit is not confidential. Anyone can get access to it if it’s necessary. The reason most small businesses fail today is that of delayed funding. You don’t want that to happen to your business. If you want to get the financial supply, you need to grow and continue as a business; you need to build a good credit score accessible by the public. It’s also important to know that your business credit score can determine your interest rate, payment periods, and loan terms. As much as you can establish great business credit for your own advantage.

3) It’s separate from your personal credit.

We should remind business owners of how a separate business entity works. This means that you as the owner of the business has a different entity from your business. Your transactions cannot be merged, so as your credit score. Your business credit is separate from your personal credit. So whatever it is you are worried about, you don’t have to take it personally. They connect your business to its own business entity and TAX ID number. It doesn’t need your Social Security number of personal credit history.

4) It helps you fund your capital.

Companies have different purposes when they are borrowing money for their business. Some want to expand, some want to gain other business and some want to reduce their debts to lessen the stress. Whatever your purpose is, your business credit will help you fund the capital you need. If you have good business credit, more banks and lending companies will be ready to help you. They will approve your loan application without second thinking. You can even establish a good relationship with them so you can borrow again next time. Your business credit is your key to get funds. Don’t take it for granted.

How to build your business credit

Now that you know what business credit is and why it is important to your business, let’s proceed with how you can build a good one. If you are just starting in the business industry, it’s easier to build your business credit. The basic way to do it is to be as professional as you can when you borrow your first loan. Everything will follow this because you are likely to borrow money again if you will continue to be in the business industry. But what if you can’t create a business credit profile yourself? Is there someone out there who can help you? The answer is yes. And one of the best companies that help build business credit is Credit Agents. This company has an established business structure that can help you create a business credit profile. It has an extensive experience when it comes to credit. This company is trustworthy and guarantees to give you the best credit solution you are seeking for. With Credit Agents, you will never have to worry about the future funding of your business again.

Companies That Help Build Business Credit

Credit Agents and other companies out there do great strategies to help you build your business credit better. Whether you are new to the business or you have a previous history that will damage your business credit, credit repair companies can help you find a good way to restore your business credit. This is what they do:

1) They talk to you regarding your negative credits.

When you avail of the services of credit repair agents, they talk to you to inquire about your previous negative credits. These credits are bad for your business credit score. The more you have negative credits, the more chances that your application will get rejected. As a business that is looking forward to growing, you don’t want this to happen. With Credit Agents, you can talk about your negative credits and how you want them to be removed from your history. Don’t worry, that’s the main service they do. You don’t have to be ashamed of your bad records because that’s part of your business paving its path to success.

2) They repair your credit history.

The reason credit repair companies are called is that they exist to help you with your negative credit problems. They repair your credit history for better business credit. After inquiring about your negative credits, they work with credit bureaus and your creditors. They communicate properly to challenge the negative items in your business credit report. They make sure that what’s in your credit history is updated and accurate to reflect your business finances right.

3) They monitor your business credit profile.

Included in helping you build a solid business credit profile is the monitoring of it. The Credit Agents company gives you 24/7 credit monitoring to ensure that you are on the right track. What’s good about this service is that you don’t have to agonize too much on your business credit profile. Remember that you now have someone to whom you can rely on. Credit repair services ensure that you have access to your updated credit history.

4) They establish your financial future.

It’s the end goal of credit repair companies, to help you build the financial future of your business. Without them, you will suffer from the damages of negative credit history. You would face big challenges when trying to loan business funds. These companies give you the tools and effective approaches that can guide you all throughout. They help you maintain a good business credit score so you can achieve the credit goals you have for your business.

What to look for in a credit repair company?

If you want to get the best services of a credit repair company, look for the right one that fits your business needs. Some companies skip this process. They just buy from the credit repair company available. This is not good business ethics because you might waste your money on bad credit services. Spend your money wisely and look for these characters in a credit repair company:

1) Reputable

You need someone who has a name in the business. It’s like finding the best brand of your favorite products. When looking for a credit repair company, make sure it is reputable and has good branding. Don’t settle for companies because you want to get rid of your negative credit records as soon as possible. Do business with a company that will never break the name of your business.

2) Trustworthy

You need a trustworthy company. Why? Because you don’t want to entrust your financial records to just anybody. You need someone you can trust and someone who will not judge your financial habits. Getting a trustworthy company like Credit Agents will save you from scams and frauds who will only seek for your payment and not help you build your business credits at all. Again, don’t settle with a company that doesn’t care about the wellbeing of your business. You deserve something more than that even with bad business credit.

3) A company that encourages you to save.

The good thing about credit repair companies is that they encourage you to save more. In what way? By building good business credit, they help you find good interest rates, insurance premiums, and business opportunities. These are the reason you need to find a company that encourages savings rather than expenses. Don’t trust credit repair agents that think the best way to remove your bad credit history is to pay more. There is always an effective way without spending more with the right credit repair company.

4) Knowledgeable

You will know if a company is knowledgeable of the first time you inquire about their services. Credit repair companies should be equipped with special sets of skills needed to help you build good business credit. They should have sufficient consumer credit knowledge. They should know how to use consumer protection laws, especially during the dispute process. You need someone who can protect you from damages. And with Credit Agents, it’s like you are working with your own lawyer.


Business credit is as important as your capital. You need it to continue your business despite the financial struggles you are building. Remember that the key to having an appealing image to lenders is to establish a good business credit profile. With the help of credit repair companies, they will relieve you from any damage when building your own business credit and companies that help build business credit.


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