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Why Aren’t Items Being Removed?

Why accounts may not be coming off your credit report

Credit repair is not an over night process!

Credit disruption causes months. Therefore, repair takes months. 6-10 months approximately.

We demand data furnishers throughough investigation.
-We want to confirm accuracy
-We want to know the timing of possible deliquency.

Who are the enemy?
Bureau make a killing your data! (Consumer data)
-Car lenders

Credit bureau are for profit entities.

In a way, it’s a David v. Goliath type of match.

When we get involved. We demand things to be done. The biggest goal is to have them provide evidence to us.

We want to see their responses for possible violations.

Don’t expect every single item to come off within a month or two.

It takes a lot of follow ups with demands on our ends!
-Data compliant
-Threatening to file complaints against them
-Get an attorney involved

Keep in mind that the timing of when items come off varies.

Every time collections are disputed. It costs money for the debt collectors to respond.

At some point, they are better off not responding.

Every credit situation is different. Every item is different.

But be patient! We can do this!

We can coach you on a lot of things!

-How to get secured credit card
-How to maintain balances
-What kind of balances to avoid
-How to get an unsecured credit card
-And much more!

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