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Refund Policy

Agreement Term

This agreement shall be in effect for one month and shall automatically renew on a monthly basis until can- celled. Client shall be responsible for payment of any and all amounts owed for deleted items that are the result of work performed through the time of cancellation. T.C.A. will continue to provide services until all inaccurate, incomplete, or unverifiable derogatory items have been removed from Client’s credit report or until cancelled. You may cancel this agreement without penalty or obligation at any time before midnight of the 3rd day after the date on which you signed the agreement. See the two attached notices of cancellation for an explanation of this right. 


Client must provide an updated credit report from each credit reporting agencies within 14 days of the refund request. Failure to provide within the required time, the refund request will be deemed invalid and denied. 

Client must have completed at least 3 Dispute cycles and have maintained an approved credit monitoring ser- vice with updated reports every 30 days for the refund request to be considered. If any item that was deleted returns within twelve (12) months after service has been completed, T.C.A. will re-dispute the account for Client at no additional cost. If the account that was deleted previously is not able to be re-deleted, Client will have the option to request the deletion fee for said account to be refunded. 

Cancellation Policy

Client may cancel this agreement in writing at any time. However, since T.C.A. services are provided on a one-month term basis, client must allow T.C.A to complete the current dispute round Client is under and pay any deletion fee invoices due in order for cancellation to be fully complete. T.C.A. services will cease at the end of the current dispute round. If Client deactivates their credit monitoring services, doesn’t not provided updated reports per bureau, or is unreachable when dispute round is complete, T.C.A. reserves the right to charge client up to $250.00 as an early termination fee (ETF). 

  • In the event that Client contacts his/her bank for a chargeback of fees already earned for deletion fees, this notice will serve as evidence that this agreement is binding, and the bank is to refund T.C.A. any fees, which have been charged back. 

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