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Best Credit Repair Companies in Houston

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Are you looking for the best credit repair companies in Houston, Texas? Look no further. The Credit Agents are one of Houston’s best-rated credit restoration companies. Our friendly staff of credit analysts has been highly trained in the consumer debt space. Utilize our knowledge of the consumer protection laws to help you get the credit scores you deserve.

Whether you’re fighting late payments, collections, repossessions, tax liens, judgments, foreclosures, or bankruptcies, we have advanced and battle-tested strategies that get results. In fact, we’re so confident in our program that we don’t ask you to pay us until after we get you results. That’s right, no monthly fees over here. Our goal is to get your credit profile as healthy and positive as possible so that you can move on towards life’s big purchases.

So whether you’re looking to get approved for a mortgage loan, refinance your car, or get approved for a business loan, we have the credit repair tactics to help you get there.

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How Do Credit Repair Companies in Houston Work?

Credit repair is the process of disputing questionable, negative information on your credit profile that is holding your credit scores back. These disputes are designed to hold the credit bureaus and debt collectors accountable for the information they are reporting to your credit profile. Errors can dramatically drive your credit scores down. It is highly important that the accuracy and validity of the information reflecting on your credit report are as accurate as possible to allow for the strongest possible credit score.

Disputes are sent every 30-40 days to allow the debt collectors and credit bureaus legally respond within 30 days. Ongoing correspondence is adjusted based on the replies from the bureaus and collectors. If needed, complaints to the Consumer Protection Bureau are sent, FCRA attorneys are brought in, or debt negotiations (if at all needed) are established for any lingering items left that are causing credit score challenges.

Is Credit Repair Legal?

Short answer, yes it is. Credit repair is a 100% legal and ethical way of improving your credit scores by utilizing many of your rights as a consumer under the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

To summarize this consumer protection law, you have the legal right to a 100% accurate, 100% verified, and 100% validated credit profile. Any errors, issues, inaccuracies, and questionable data allows you the right to request that information be disputed and that a thorough investigation is conducted. The credit bureaus and debt collectors by law are required to comply in a timely manner by FCRA guidelines.

This process requires an in-depth understanding of what is what isn’t allowed according to the FCRA.  Our highly trained experts know how to handle your credit file and get you the results you desire. We strive to be the one of the best credit repair companies in Houston, TX.

Credit Repair Companies Houston Texas

Does Credit Repair Actually Work?

No credit repair companies in Houston can guarantee results. Luckily for our clients, we only get paid if we get results! To be honest, there are variables beyond our control that could impact any credit improvement efforts. However, the vast majority of our clients see a significant increase in their credit scores after just a few short months. Credit repair is a joint effort between you and the person or company helping them to repair their credit profile. With an ongoing line of communication and effort from both parties, most people would benefit from a professional credit repair service.

What Does Credit Repair Cost?

For personal credit, we charge an initial audit fee of $349 to enroll in our program. Then, we invoice you for any negative items deleted (so you only pay for results). For collections, we charge $50 per item, per bureau. For public records, we charge $100 per item, per bureau. For personal identifiers, we charge $20 per item, per bureau. And for charges offs we charge $100 per item, per bureau.

We also are very flexible with you and can set up payment arrangements as necessary to fit your budget. Bad credit can cost you thousands and thousands of dollars over the years when you consider what it costs someone with poor credit to finance a car, pay for auto insurance, finance a home, credit cards, and more. Many of our clients end up saving 10s of thousands of dollars of the lifetime of their good credit profile.

When you compare the numbers, it’s easy to see why so many clients hire The Credit Agents  as their preferred credit repair company to fix their credit profile.

How Do I Know This Program Will Work For Me?

We offer a completely free, no-obligation credit report review. You and one of our highly trained credit repair analysts will review with your credit report with you in detail to identify errors, questionable information, inaccuracies, and more.

Then, we piece together a customized plan of action designed to get your credit scores moving in a positive direction. Our analyst will provide you with clear insights into what is holding your credit scores back and what needs to be done to resolve the issues found.

Also, your credit analyst will answer every single one of your questions so that you can make an educated decision about hiring The Credit Agents.

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How Do I Know These Credit Repair Companies Are Legitimate?

Today’s consumer has plenty of options when it comes to who they hire to help them improve their credit profile. It is important to conduct proper research when considering to hire a company. Some red flags to avoid are not being licensed and bonded in the state that they conduct business, asking for a large amount of money up front, or utilizing questionable or illegal processes.

Reputable companies will be well reviewed, licensed and bonded, and maybe even be registered as a member of NACSO (an organization established to recognize credit repair companies operating under the highest level or compliance and ethical standards).

How Long Does Credit Repair Take?

Our program is an expedited program designed to get you results as quick as possible. We’ve had clients experience significant credit score increases in as little as 40-days. Every person’s credit profile is different and the effort needed to get their credit scores into a good score range will be different for everybody.

While most clients see success within 3-4 short months. We typically inform our clients to expect to be in the program for at least 6 months to maximize their results. Your results may vary, but most of our clients are done within the 6-month mark.

Our goal is to complete our services within 6 months or less so that you can move on towards your next big financial goal.

How Do I Get Started?

The first thing you should do is call us at (281) 756-7060 to speak with one of our friendly credit analysts and get your 100% free credit review. Or you can request a call by visiting our contact us page and someone from our team will connect with you in about 1 business day. The Credit Agents strive to be one of Houston’s best credit repair companies.

Where Can I See Your Reviews?

We have many reviews on Google, Facebook, and Yelp. We also have video testimonials on YouTube from previous clients. Please take the time to review them and see a few of our most recent reviews below.

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