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Credit Monitoring

Credit Monitoring

Credit Monitoring is a vital part to this process.

Having ongoing access to your credit report allows us to be proactive instead of reactive. We are able to see when items are removed off your credit report, what items still remain, how your credit scores are progressing, and continue to provide accurate information to better serve you.

Although credit monitoring is a seperate fee ($19.99 per month approx), it does make this credit repair process run so much more smoothly and can even speed up this process by not having to wait for our clients to send in credit bureau responses they receive in the mail each month.

Also, if you are looking to purchase a house, a car, or get business credit – having credit monitoring allows our team to be more efficient in advising you when you are fully ready to submit an application for an auto or mortgage loan.

Long story, short – credit monitoring makes all our lives a lot easier.

To learn more about why you need credit monitoring while going through credit repair, we’ve created a short video just for you!

Click here to watch and learn more.

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