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Don’t let a bad credit score affect your ability to qualify for the credit, lower interest rates, rental application approvals, and more. The Credit Agents is here to help you get the credit score that you deserve.

If you have been turned down for credit, or have poor credit, The Credit Agents can help you get back on track. We provide Credit Repair in Dallas, TX and we specialize in repairing your credit and getting you approved for new credit cards, auto loans, and more. We have highly trained credit repair experts who work with consumers to remove inaccurate or unverifiable information from their credit reports.

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Get Your True Credit Score in Dallas, TX

Your credit score is based on information detailed within your credit report. Generally, your credit score will be between 350 and 850. Depending on the scoring model, a poor credit rating will be a credit score below 600. An exceptional or excellent score is considered to be between 800 and 850.

Your overall credit score is impacted by elements such as your payment history, your credit utilization rate, how long you have been using credit, the credit types you are using, and the number of credit accounts you have opened/applications you have made. Factors that lower your score include:

  • Missed payments
  • Letting bills go to collections
  • Limited credit history
  • Maxing out credit cards
  • Canceling credit cards
  • Forclosing on a home
  • Filing for bankruptcy
  • Co-signing for an irresponsible borrower
  • Not disputing credit

Ways to improve your credit score include paying your bills on time, paying down debt, and avoiding new hard inquiries. At The Credit Agents, we help people in Dallas, TX to secure their true credit score. A range of factors, including erroneous reporting, can negatively affect your credit rating.

Our team of friendly and highly-trained credit experts is on hand to ensure that inaccurate and therefore damaging, information is removed from your credit score. Here at The Credit Agents, we don’t charge monthly fees, and we don’t ask you to pay us until after we get your results.

Is Credit Repair Dallas Legal?

Credit repair is a 100% legal and legitimate service used to remove inaccurate information from your credit report. As noted above, your credit score is determined by the information contained in your credit rating. If that information is incorrect, which may happen for a variety of reasons, your credit score may be unfairly low.

Here at The Credit Agents, we work on behalf of our clients in Dallas to locate, highlight, and correct this information. We only work with information that is incorrect and ensure that your credit rating is truly accurate and valid. In cases where your credit rating contains errors, we will work to legally resolve these issues and help to rightfully increase your credit score.

How Does Credit Repair Dallas Work?

The process of locating and resolving inaccuracies within your credit rating can be a complex and sometimes lengthy procedure. At The Credit Agents, we work on our clients’ behalf to correct any and all inaccuracies. Questionable or inaccurate information will be disputed through legal means. This ensures that credit bureaus and debt collectors are held accountable for the information provided on your credit profile.

Disputes are sent every 30-40 days to allow these credit bureaus and debt collectors to legally respond within 30 days. Future correspondence will be adjusted based on these replies. If necessary, complaints will be made to the Consumer Protection Bureau, FCRA attorneys are brought in, and debt negotiations are established.

While no credit repair company can guarantee results, inaccuracies in your credit profile will be highlighted and disputed. This can dramatically improve your credit rating. As we’ve said, we don’t charge a monthly fee while this process is ongoing, and we only get paid if we secure results for you.

How Long Does Credit Repair Dallas Take?

We operate an expedited program designed to get you the best results in the quickest possible time. We have had clients experience significant credit score increases within 40 days. Generally speaking, the time length will depend on your individual credit report, and the work needed to get your credit score into a good range.

Most clients will see positive results within three to four months. We typically inform our clients to expect to be in the program for at least six months to maximize their results. By expediting our work, we help to ensure you can focus on your next big financial goal sooner.

What Are the Costs of Credit Repair in Dallas?

As noted, we don’t charge a monthly fee while our Dallas credit repair experts are working to improve your credit score. We simply charge an initial audit fee of $349 to enroll in our program. Following the completion of our work, we will invoice you for any inaccurate or negative items deleted from your credit report. These charges are as follows:

$25 per personal record per bureau (address, name, SSN, DOB)
$50 per inquiry per bureau
$50 per collection per bureau
$50 per charge-off per bureau
$50 per late payment reported per bureau
$125 per public record per bureau
$125 per auto account (repossession or auto charge-off) per bureau
$125 per alternative data report deletion (LexisNexis, ChexSystem, NCTUE, etc.)
$125 per child support account per bureau
$125 per foreclosure per bureau
$125 per broken lease or derogatory lease account per bureau

If necessary, we are happy to work with you and set up flexible payment arrangements to fit your budget. In the long run, bad credit scores can cost you thousands of dollars. Many of our clients end up saving tens of thousands of dollars, thanks to their improved and accurate credit rating.

How Do I Get Started?

The first thing to do is call our team at (281) 756-7060 and get your 100% free credit review. One of our highly-trained credit repair experts will review your credit report with you. Here, we will identify errors, questionable information, inaccuracies, and more.

Then, we will put together a customized plan of action designed to improve your credit score. Any questions that you have at this point, we will be happy to address them for you. We provide a fully transparent and legal service designed to help our clients get the credit score they deserve.

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It’s hard to achieve financial stability in the modern world. Banks and lenders are constantly changing their ways and rules to make it more difficult for their clients to get a loan or get a better interest rate. That’s why many people are turning to credit repair services in Dallas when they are looking to start a new business or take on a new loan. At The Credit Agents, we provide credit repair services in Dallas TX.

Improve Your Credit Score With The Credit Agents

Inaccurate credit scores could be holding you back from making important steps in your life. At The Credit Agents in Dallas, we work on your behalf to improve your overall credit score and let you get back to planning for the future. We are one of the best credit repair companies in Dallas, TX. Get in touch with us today!